Armstrong's Gallery


Ceramic Artwork at Armstrong's

Rimas VisGirda - She was so beautiful...

Jeff Whyman – Untitled #2-20

Jim Leedy – Untitled #35

Harrison McIntosh - Pond Farm

Jennifer McCurdy

Porntip Sangvanich

Harrison McIntosh

Emily Rossheim & Tom Marrinson

Mata Ortiz artist – Jose Loya

Harrison McIntosh

Elaine Coleman

Tom Coleman

Steven Hill

Harrison McIntosh

Thomas Hoadley

Ricky Maldonado

Mata Ortiz artist - Salvador & Virginia Baca

Mata Ortiz artist – Cesar Navaretti

Mata Ortiz artist – Juan Reyes

Armstrong's Gallery is located at 150 East 3rd Street, Pomona, CA 91766 and at Gallery hours are 11:30 am to 5 pm Tuesday-Saturday and 3 pm to 9 pm during Second Saturday Art Walk.


Meet the Artists

  Christa Assad
Darcy Badiali
Bennett Bean
Nicholas Bernard
Frank Boyden
Rose Cabat
Fong Choo
Susan Clusener
Dee Marcellus Cole
Elaine Coleman
Tom Coleman
Philip Cornelius
Beverly Crist
Patricia Ferber
Sheldon Ganstrom
Chris Gustin
Glenn Grishkoff
Lance Henriksen
Steven Hill
Thomas Hoadley
Sylvia Hyman
Ester Ikeda
Yoshiro Ikeda
Mel Jacobson
Marsha Judd
Margaret Keelan
Shane Keena
Coeleen Kiebert
Joe Koons
Peter Kuentzel
Mika Negishi-Laidlaw
Jim Leedy
Ricky Maldonado
Michael Mangiafico
Tom Marrinson
Jennifer McCurdy
Harrison McIntosh
Rick Pope
Emily Rossheim
Don Reitz
Porntip Sangvanich
Keith Schneider
Jeff Shapiro
Steve Smeed
Linda Smith
Paul Soldner
Vincent Suez
Geoffrey Swindell
Joan Takayama-Ogawa
Al Tennant
Tom Turner
Georgette Unis
Tom Wallick
Patti Warashina
William Waters
Jeff Whyman
Bryan Yancey
Sunkoo Yuh
Wizard of Clay

Mata Ortiz

Featured Slide Cast Artist
Geoffrey Swindell

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Peter Callas
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Philip Cornelius

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Fine art collectors are turning to ceramics because fine art ceramics has enormous variety in form, technique, and concept. Furthermore ceramic is the most permanent of all art forms. The clay 'revolution of the 50's and 60's has blossomed into a world wide movement, peopled by extraordinary artists, achieving today's leading innovations in clay techniques. The practical result is a marriage of cutting edge concept and cultural depth which is still being blessed with new technologies. Ceramic artists are reaping the benefit of programmable kilns, newly discovered ceramic materials and high tech mining practices and using it to nourish their own techniques. One look at ceramics available today will help you understand that now is the time to start your fine art ceramic collection!