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  The 4th Annual Mata Ortiz Exhibition
May 14 - July 2, 2011
Art Walk night: June 11, 6-9pm



Featuring Julia Nema
March 12 – May 7, 2011
Opening Reception: March 12, 6-9pm
Art Walk night: April 9, 6-9pm
Armstrong's presents an up-coming exhibition 'Clarity' featuring Julia Nema. Nema creates paper porcelain objects that whisper with light. Her ability to create delicate objects that glow like luminarias is a sight to behold.
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  Radioactive and Bright
February 5, - March 5, 2011
Opening Reception: February 12, 6-9pm

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  The Gallery Repertoire
December 11, 2010 – January 28, 2011
Opening Reception: December 11, 6-9pm
An eclectic repertoire of ceramic art will be exhibited at Armstrong’s for the Holiday season. Nationally recognized artists represented at Armstrong’s encompass the journey of clay in fine art and the diversity of artist expressions in contemporary ceramics. Let us help you select the perfect gift for the special person in your life. Please join us for our opening reception.
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  Expressions in The Round
October 16 - December 4, 2010
Artist Reception: November 13, 6-9pm
“Expressions in The Round” exhibition featuring Jim Leedy and Jeff Whyman. Jim Leedy, a colleague of Peter Voulkos and co-founder of the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, and Jeff Whyman the wood-fire explorator will showcase their transformative ceramic creations. Please join us in welcoming Jim Leedy and Jeff Whyman and their 'Expressions' to the city of Pomona.
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3rd Annual Mata Ortiz Exhibition
July 10 – October 9, 2010
Opening reception: July 10, 6 – 9pm
Art Walk: September 11, 6 – 9pm & October 9, 2010
Armstrong’s announces its third annual Mata Ortiz exhibition and sale. Mata Ortiz pottery is a significant art movement inspired by ancient tradition, is new, innovative, and among the most beautiful in Mexico.
Mata Ortiz is a small village in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico, less than 150 miles from the United States/Mexican border. This unique art movement started with one man named Juan Quezada. As a young boy, Quezada became fascinated with pottery after finding ancient pottery pieces and potshards from the Paquime Indian civilization in northern Chihuahua, Mexico. He began experimenting with clays he found in the area and colors made from local minerals. In 1976, Quezada was discovered by an American anthropologist, Spencer MacCallum, and soon gained worldwide recognition for his art.
Today collectors come from all over the world to visit the small village and to acquire the pottery of Mata Ortiz. Often the production of pottery involves multiple family members, crossing generations and genders. You now have the opportunity to view and purchase this unique pottery right here in Pomona. Mata Ortiz potters have explored new styles and techniques resulting in a dynamic new art movement blending traditional and contemporary designs.
The gallery is on the cover of the summer issue of Clay Times magazine! Follow the link to read the full article and view the amazing photo spread.
*Do to the popularity and recent press coverage, the exhibition dates has been extended and we add two more art walk nights.



Rimas VisGirda and Yu-Ying Huang
May 1 through June 30, 2010.
Armstrong’s presents an up-coming exhibition featuring two talented contemporary ceramic artists, Rimas VisGirda and Yu-Ying Huang, These two artists have traveled together showing their ceramic work across the United States and now you have an opportunity to see their artwork here in Pomona, CA.
Lithuanian-born artist Rimas VisGirda uses caricature style imagery in his ceramic work resulting in a critical look at fads and fashions, both old and new. His work focuses on the sub-cultural movements inspired by underground cartoonists and the British Punk Movement resulting in coarse, high fired stoneware and works with line and color. VisGirda states his “work is influenced by the culture I live in, the machine age, the urban environment, the media, and fad and fashion.” VisGirda uses porcelain with decomposed granite sand to create a textured surface. He also uses wax inlay then applies decals to the surfaces.
Yu-Ying Huang’s work is highly inspired by her hobby of undersea diving. A resident of Taipei, Taiwan, Huang’s pieces display a strong connection and narrative to naturalistic elements often mimicking underwater life. “Ceramic art is a means that allows me to convey our respect to all natural existences - my work reflects the rich cultural environment in which I live, in my life” says Huang. Yu-Ying Huang has achieved an international reputation for her unique ceramic work.
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Ricky Maldonado
Featured artist for January and February 2010
Art Walk: February 13, 6-9 pm
Ricky Maldonado is a multiple award winner known for his colorful, geometrically detailed pottery. Maldonado's pieces are all hand coiled, slip decorated, burnished and then glazed with thousands of dots using a sable brush.
You are invited to visit the gallery and view these spiritually reverent sculptures, a classic Greek-style vessel, meticulously decorated platters, and one of a kind jewelry.
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Hello Chimera
September 1 - October 31, 2009
Opening Reception: September 12, 6 - 9pm
Art Walk: October 10, 6 - 9pm
Molly Schulps uses classic collectable animal figurine molds to create her various hybrid or genetically engineered creatures saturated with bright, vivid colors. Her work investigates creation, evolution, and science with an added humorous and kitschy commentary.

Clay Street
September 1 - October 31, 2009
Opening Reception: September 12, 6 - 9pm
Art Walk: October 10, 6 - 9pm
Breaking through the surface of cliché art and design, Gerardo Monterrubio depicts monochromatic scenes of his own stories and imagination. His work also describes other peoples' experiences while existing and thriving in various Los Angeles neighborhoods.
Read More about Gerardo Monterrubio’s work in the October 2009 Ceramic Monthly Issue

  2nd Annual Mata Ortiz Exhibition

  2nd Annual Mata Ortiz Exhibition
June 13 – August 22, 2009
Opening Reception: June 13, 6 – 9pm
Art Walk: July 11, 6 – 9pm
Art Walk: August 8, 6 – 9pm
Armstrong's announces its second annual Mata Ortiz exhibition and sale. The Mata Ortiz art movement continues to expand as new artists have learned the developed techniques. The phenomenon of Mata Ortiz encompasses a unique cultural expression, economic need and artistic freedom producing an unexpected but extraordinary artistic movement in this small community.

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  Natural Connections

  Natural Connections
April 11 – June 6, 2009
Artists’ Reception: April 11, 6 – 9pm
Art Walk: May 9, 6 – 9pm
“Natural Connections” displays ceramic artworks with a similar correlation of inspiration and motif which revolves around the phenomenon of the physical world. Artists Shane Keena, Susan Clusener, Eileen Braun, and Damien Jones are creating and drawing new associations and connections between the human condition and our natural world.

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February 10 - April 4, 2009
Reception: Saturday February 14, 6 - 9pm
Art walk: Saturday March 14, 6 - 9pm
Armstrong's announces "Patchwork," a ceramic group show featuring Bennett Bean, Thomas Hoadley, Beverly Crist, Geoffrey Swindell, Peter Kuentzel, and Nick Bernard. "Patchwork" displays works of a variety of patterns, textures and colors. Each artist brings their own unique inspiration and process of piecing together different visual elements to create striking and distinctive ceramic pieces.

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  Pomona Tea Party

  The Pomona Tea Party
December 6, 2008 thru January 31, 2009
Artist reception 6 - 9pm
December 13 & January 10
Art lovers and enthusiasts are invited to join this prominent event filled with tea and conversation. “The Pomona Tea Party” will show a variety of ceramic tea pot and bowl styles, from formal to whimsical, that display all the artists’ expertise and unique technique of the celebrated and distinguished ceramic medium.

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  Vitrified Existence - The works of Jeff Whyman

  Vitrified Existence
October 7 thru November 29, 2008
Artist’s reception 6-9 pm
October 11 & November 8
Jeff Whyman’s work displays a variety of sculptural forms completed with wood-fired, glazing surface techniques. His work is about the beauty, wonder and majesty of our daily life. The clay, the earth, the sun, the minerals, the colors of our transitions and the eternal process of our existence is all a part of his galactic expressions in the permanency of fired ceramic vessels. Whyman is also a diver and his ceramic creations are reminiscent of the treasures found on the ocean floor.


  “Glorious Glazes”
August 1 - September 27
Come discover and be amazed by the glorious glazing techniques of five renowned ceramic artists. "Glorious Glazes" will feature works by Ricky Maldonado, Elaine Coleman, Tom Coleman, Emily Rossheim, Steven Hill and others. These artists' ceramic works display a strong collection of a wide variety of superior and highly developed glazing techniques

  Mata Ortiz Exhitbit

May 31st - July 26th, 2008
The inspiration of Juan Quezada evolves and the second generation of potters in Mata Ortiz are creating their own innovations in ceramics. Laura Bugarini is one of the most outstanding of those potters with her own unique style of decorating which is extraordinary! Laura works in collaboration with her mother, Guadalupe Cota de Lopez who forms the vessels Laura decorates. Now you have the opportunity to meet Laura in person and learn more about the Pottery Phenomenon of Mata Ortiz. It will be an experience you will remember and enjoy.

  Fred's Friends

  “Fred's Friends”
The home and studio complex of Fred Olsen, master potter, author, artist, kiln designer and builder, is a gathering place for ceramic artists who love to explore the beauty of wood fire ceramics. “Fred’s Friends” showcases the work of a number of the artists and potters who participate in group firings of Olsen’s kilns, benefiting from Fred’s knowledge, generosity and worldwide contacts. For this exhibit each artist is presenting several pieces –including at least one from firings in Fred’s kiln and others representing their current body of work. Exhibitors include Patricia Ferber, Philip Cornelius, Conrad Calimpong, Richie White, Don Ryan, Jon Pacini, Carol Ann Klimek, Nina Hole, Vincent Suez and Julia Nema. View complete press release...
Fred's Friends will be on display from April 12th thru May 24th. View some of the pieces...

  Peter Callas Dragonwyck

  “Peter Callas”
Abstract expressionist painterly concerns and three decades of wood firing experience have created this meritorious collection of work by one of America’s foremost expressionist sculptors working in clay. New Jersey born Peter Callas communicates his intuitions concerning nature and the human condition with sculpture, vessels and chargers in this mid career overview of masterfully wood fired pieces. This gathering of forms, fired in a wood fire process, is a profound pronunciation of Peter Callas as a star in American ceramics. Says Peter Grilli, President of the Japanese Society of Boston in the book, “Peter Callas: A Thirty Year Odyssey”
“Freedom does not preclude influence, nor does it mean that an artist cannot learn from other sources. But, instead of being bound to slavish imitation, freedom allows the artist to absorb, digest, integrate, and ultimately to leap beyond his sources and create something dramatically new. This is the creative dynamic that Peter Callas has demonstrated so splendidly.”
Peter Callas sculptures, vessel, chargers and tea wares are on exhibition from February 26th, 2008 to April 8th, 2008

  ALL of IT Exhibit

  “ALL of IT”
An exhibition of artists represented by Armstong's gallery, opens October 13th , at 150 East 3rd Street, Pomona, California 91766. Exploring the eclectic diversity of artistic expression in contemporary and avant garde fine art ceramics, this grouping of exquisite ceramic art will delight the most discerning collector. Regional, national, and international artists, held in museum collections around the world, present the limitless potential of clay formed by masterful skill. Museum quality sculpture, functional exhibition ware and collectable objects are available.
Teamed with gallery director, Julie Gibbs, David Armstrong has created a gallery almost exclusively devoted to the best in fine art ceramics. The nationally recognized artists represented at Armstrong's encompass the entire journey of clay in fine art, their work delightfully arranged in the soaring space capped with original tin ceiling tiles.

Darcy Badiali
Darcy Badiali
August 11th - October 6th
The monumental presence of Darcy Badiali's sculptural containments resides in tension between the assertion of an austere ceramic form in contrast to the guttural counter-point of the glaze surface. This body of work seems the perfect reply to the question posed in Darcy's statement,“With my passion being the potters wheel, the question rose early and often: how does one overcome the stigma, that pottery can only be craft?” Linear glaze drips haloed by diffuse glowing orange, traverse the surface with all the purpose and mystery of ancient trails. The cratered edge between glaze and shino slipped clay body retains the energy of the tremendous heat. The objects, ranging from 36” across to 28” high, inhabit the new territory, a space between painting and sculpture called fine art ceramics.

  Philip Cornelius Thin Ware Exhibit

Philip Cornelius Thin Ware
June 9th - August 4th
Innovative techniques introduced by Philip Cornelius have changed the form and face of contemporary ceramics. Enjoy his feather wieght porcelain Thinware and gutsy charcoal fired forms.

  David Furman Exhibit

David Furman
Exhibition closed June 2nd, 2007
“Figurative Experiences” showcases David Furman’s figurative works. David Furman’s work reflects the parameters of human interaction, compassion, and complexity without drama or pretense.

  Ganstrom, Hyman, Keelan, Bean, Judd Exhibit

Joined Couples in Clay
Exhibition closed April 7th, 2007
Armstrong’s presents Yoshiro and Ester Ikeda, Tom and Elaine Coleman, Mika Negishi-Laidlaw, and Linda and Sheldon Ganstrom. Enjoy the symphony of influence, collaboration and challenge as you view the visual manifestation of these successful partnerships.